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Are you looking for the best electrical contractor for the western suburbs of Perth? For local prices and a high quality of service, call Tony or Andrew the local electricians.

We are family owned & provide low-cost reliable electrical contractors 24/7, Chat online anytime and we will find a fast solution for your local needs.

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We Also Provide The Following!
  1. Western Suburbs TV Antennas
  2. DATA & Phone Cabling services
  3. Air-conditioning & Oven Repair
  4. RCD & Smoke Detectors
  5. Down-Lights & LEDS Lights
  6. Security – Fans – Extractors - RCD

"You have shown outstanding sensitivity in that you have responded within a few hours.” Brand, Cottesloe

"Once again my thanks for all the expert and helpful service." Salina. Wembley

Fast Services Guaranteed!

Fast Services Guaranteed!